About Us

Kognitive Ltd is a full service public relations agency focused on high level stakeholder engagement. 

We are a creative set of people who work closely with NHS ambulance services, emergency services partners and Government Departments responsible for Health, Counter-Terrorism and Civil Contingencies.

We have high-level expertise and contacts across the whole emergency preparedness, resilience and response (EPRR) sector and we specialise in getting our client’s messages heard and seen by their key stakeholders.

We do this by working carefully with the media to achieve balance with challenging stories. We also have a highly effective publishing unit, creating clear and interesting pieces of work. And our online offering is second to none.

We bring it all together to help our clients achieve their strategic and operational aims faster and more effectively.

Kognitive Ltd operates on an NHS Framework Contract for the Supply of Communications & Stakeholder Engagement Services, (ref: 0193-16-N). This means we can immediately supply all aspects of communications support to any public sector organisation and simultaneously meet the full legal requirements of their procurement teams, at a moment’s notice.


What we do and how we do it

Our ethos is built around credibility, reliability and professionalism.

We start by listening, then giving our clients the right advice – not just what we think they want to hear.

We are pragmatic, yet creative. We are sensible, yet fun.

But the real basis of our success is built on many years of solid experience. Our people have worked extensively across the NHS, in ambulance services, in the emergency preparedness, resilience and response sector, in fire and police and across a range of Government Departments - all the while gaining invaluable knowledge, expertise and contacts in these areas.

This combination of excellence and customer service is why our clients love working with us. Will you be next?

Stakeholder engagement

Connecting you with the people who matter most

Media management

Dealing with challenging journalists and providing balance


Online, on paper, wherever - our in-house designers can create magic


Crisp and effective copy that gets your message across

Events and exercises

Bringing people together for learning and development

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